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COVID-19 FAQ: Impacts on Canadian construction and engineering

As the COVID-19 health situation continues across Canada, the construction sector across the country is feeling the impact of a global recession coupled with public mandates for social distancing. The Outpost community has been reaching out to ask how COVID-19 is impacting recruitment in the Canadian construction and engineering industries. These are our answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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Are employers in the engineering and construction sectors hiring right now?

Hiring has resumed but many clients are taking a cautious approach due a prevailing sense of uncertainty. With a high number of firms laying off workers across industrial (Oil & Gas), there are quite a few free agents in the market. Most of our clients are preoccupied with procedures to bring their workers back into the office while adapting to stringent new health and safety measures, including social distancing.

Given different provinces and specific projects have different restrictions in place, it’s ideal to research the relevant province and project.

We’re always keen to hear from motivated job seekers so feel free to create a profile and we can arrange a chat around your employment preferences. Our consultative approach is focused on working with motivated candidates to find them the right opportunity in the market. We have strong client relationships which allow us open channels of communication. Timing is everything in recruitment and we can monitor the market on your behalf.

How long will it be before employers start hiring as usual again?

Hard to say. We’re certainly looking at a tighter employment market across all parts of Canada but many of our clients are planning to grow again in 2021. It’s likely we will observe extremely competitive employment markets for the next year or so as the economy contracts. Prior to Covid, the construction market was facing a huge shortage of workers so there has been a dramatic swing bringing us to an employer’s market once again.

As we adapt to a calming of the health crisis, we’re watching for any signs of strain in financial markets. The economic shock will impact all sectors of construction, but we expect commercial, industrial, and residential to be hardest hit. Public projects across institutional buildings and infrastructure will also be impacted, but investment in Canada’s infrastructure sector is long overdue and there is hope that Canada will maintain commitments to public infrastructure. We expect some major infrastructure projects to be postponed or cancelled as the Canadian government will likely try to balance their books after lots of welfare spending to counter higher unemployment levels. All in all, we expect Canada’s economy to perform relatively stronger than other Western economies as Canada doubles down on infrastructure spending as an economic recovery tactic. 

While there will be exceptions, most construction companies have started hiring again as they find their feet in the new normal.

I’m an unemployed jobseeker here in Canada right now, what advice can you offer?

As Canada adapts to a huge economic shock, finding employment will become difficult relative to the pre-Covid era. In construction, most clients are comfortable with their current pipeline but there remains some uncertainty as they look towards the future. Reduced budgets and falling construction costs may lead to clients delaying final decisions. Many companies will resist the temptation to hire in times of prolonged uncertainty. 

If you are a newcomer to Canada, we urge you to ensure that you have adequate emergency medical insurance (via public health plan or private means) to cover Covid-19-related risks.

If you are eligible for Employment Insurance in Canada, we urge you to register.

In terms of being proactive, we urge you to use our free resume templates and comprehensive Outpost blogs to help you return to the employment market as soon as possible. With high levels of unemployment expected in the post Covid-19 era, it’s critical that every candidate can up their game and present their work experience in the best possible manner. Investing time in your CV/resume will be the best time investment you can make as

My employment is uncertain / has been terminated. What action can I take?

We recommend you contact Service Canada and follow the relevant provincial guidelines to understand your employment rights. We highly recommend you research and prepare to apply for Employment Insurance (EI) if or when you receive negative news.

We highly recommend you research and prepare to apply for Employment Insurance (EI) so you can have your next steps planned if you do receive negative news.

I’m due to fly to Canada in early 2021 to activate my status in Canada. What should I do?

If you decide it is necessary to travel to Canada, your ability to enter the country depends on your immigration status. Canada has closed all international borders, including the Canada-U.S. border, to all foreign nationals unless you meet one of a handful of exceptions. For foreign workers, the most common exceptions are as follows: 

Work permit holders: Canada is allowing temporary workers who have already been issued a work permit or approved for a work permit to enter the country. The exception to this rule is IEC participants, who are only able to enter if they have already activated their work permit and had left Canada temporarily, or have already been approved for a work permit and have an offer of employment from a Canadian employer.

Canadian permanent residents: Canadian permanent residents are eligible to enter the country at this time. 

Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR-holders): If you were approved for Canadian permanent resident status prior to March 18, 2020, you are able to travel to Canada to activate your status. If you were approved after this date, you will have to wait for restrictions to be lifted. US residents who hold valid COPRs are also eligible to enter Canada at this time.

Please refer to this page for a list of other exemptions to travel restrictions.

Regardless of your status in Canada, if you travel to the country from any foreign country you will be subject to additional screening measures at the Port of Entry and you will be mandated to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival. If you do not have a plan for your 14 day self-isolation, you may be denied entry.

Please note that immigration regulations are changing rapidly during the coronavirus outbreak in Canada. For up-to-date travel advice and information on how it may be possible to extend the validity period of your travel documents, please visit the COVID-19 and travel to Canada page on our sister website, Moving2Canada.com, and read the relevant instructions for the program you have been approved under. 

My immigration or work permit application is in progress, how long will it take to receive final approval? 

Canada’s immigration authorities have told applicants to expect delays in processing in the coming months. Applications are still being accepted and processed for most programs, but delays are likely. Please refer to this Government of Canada page for the latest information.

I was meant to start a new job in the coming months, will I still be able to start as planned?

You should contact your employer or recruiter directly if they haven’t already contacted you. It would be good to understand how the employer is handling the current circumstances and the likelihood that you will start your new job. Many staff at the companies undertook a period of remote work during the early months of the pandemic, but much of the construction workforce has returned to work on site. 

I recently moved to Canada, should I consider returning home until things can return to normal?

This is an important consideration, but is a decision that only you can make. However, now that we are many months into the health crisis, with no immediate end in sight, you likely have some understanding of what life will be like in Canada in the immediate future. Provided that you have been able to secure adequate housing, employment, and the other requisite comforts and supports to sustain yourself, Canada may be the place to stay.

How will I know when Outpost Recruitment has new employment opportunities again?

We will be sure to send notifications such as newsletters with job opportunities, once available. Make sure you create a profile with us so we can keep you updated.  We are excited to hopefully bring you good news down the line.

Where can I find more information about how COVID-19 may affect my move to Canada?

Our sister website, Moving2Canada.com, has already helped thousands of people in Canada and around the world get to grips with this evolving situation. Moving2Canada offers:

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Bridge & highway construction projects in Canada’s transportation infrastructure sector

Big spending on transportation infrastructure: that’s the key to Canada’s economic recovery from COVID-19. Within the government’s commitment to increased infrastructure spending are a range of construction projects in the transportation sector. While transportation infrastructure projects, including plenty of highway construction, were on the docket even before COVID-19, necessary to address aging infrastructure and population growth in urban areas across the country, the pandemic has accelerated the spending on transportation.

In this article, we take a comprehensive look at some of Canada’s biggest transportation infrastructure projects, with an emphasis on highway construction, categorized in terms of preconstruction or project delivery phase. Please note that we’ve excluded rail construction projects from this list, as we have published a separate guide exclusive to rail projects in Canada.

Do you want to work on one of these projects? Get in touch with us.

Outpost Recruitment is a leading talent agency that works with both local and international players in the infrastructure sector. Our clients include general contractors, subcontractors and consulting firms (program management and engineering)

Outpost Recruitment specialise in the following areas:

  • Executive leadership
  • Operations 
  • Project Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Design Management
  • Site Supervision

Projects in Preconstruction / Procurement Stage

Click any project title for more information.


Projects in Construction Phase

Click any project title for more information.


Projects in Preconstruction / Procurement Stage

Highway running through Salmon Arm, British Columbia
A portion of the highway in Salmon Arm, BC, pictured here, will soon be upgraded to include four lanes. | Photo by the Government of British Columbia

Trans-Canada Highway 1 into Salmon Arm (4-laning), Salmon Arm, BC — $184.7m

This project is an upgrading of the highway to a modern, 100 km/h, four-lane standard, which will allow traffic to move more safely and efficiently. Two separate contracts have been awarded:

1. Salmon Arm West — 1st Ave. SW to 10th Ave. SW

This portion of the Highway 1 Kamloops to Alberta program involves widening a 2.2-km section of highway to four lanes from 1st Ave. SW to 10th Ave. SW in Salmon Arm.

2. Salmon Arm West — 10th Ave. SW to 10th St. SW

This portion of the Highway 1 Kamloops to Alberta program involves widening 1.0 kilometres of highway from two to four lanes between 10th Ave SW and 10th Street SW in Salmon Arm.

Status: Works due to start in Fall, 2020.

Highway 1 Expansion: 216th St to 264th St, Langley (Greater Vancouver), BC — $257m

This project involves widening Highway 1 between 216th Street and 264th Street in Langley. Work involves widening a total of ten kilometres between 216th Street and 264th Street by adding a new high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction, reconfiguring the 232nd Street interchange, and adding a new underpass at Glover Road (BC Rail/Roberts Bank Connecting Rail Line) and the CP Rail crossing.

Status: RFQ due in early 2021. Highway construction is expected to start in 2021 and be completed by 2025.

Kennedy Overpass, Pitt Meadows (Greater Vancouver), BC — $140m

The project includes a new four-lane underpass beneath the rail crossing at Harris Road and a new two-lane overpass above the rail crossing at Kennedy Road which will serve CP’s Vancouver Intermodal Facility.

Status: RFQ due in 2021.

Holdem Overpass, Burnaby (Greater Vancouver), BC — $145m

A new four-lane road overpass for Holdem Avenue over the railway through Central Burnaby.

Status: RFQ due in 2021.

Portside / Blundell Road Improvements, Richmond (Greater Vancouver), BC — $100m

The project includes:

    • A new overpass on Portside Road at Blundell Road to cross over the CN rail line
    • Widening Blundell Road from two lanes to four lanes, between the No. 8 Road intersection and just west of York Road
    • A new bridge and extension of Portside Road over the No. 7 Road Canal

Status: RFQ released in Dec 2020.

Replacement of George Massey Tunnel, Vancouver, BC — $2bn+

The initial 10-lane bridge project was cancelled after the procurement process had been completed in 2017. Whether it takes the form of a smaller bridge, a new large tunnel, or an additional tunnel to twin the existing structure, we expect to see some movement on this project in 2021.

Status: RFQ due in 2021.

Anthony Henday Drive South West Widening, Edmonton, AB — $100m

The project will widen the existing 18-kilometre southwest portion of Anthony Henday Drive from Whitemud Drive to 111th Street NW. The current roadway was designed for 40,000 vehicles per day and is used by 80,000 vehicles per day.

Status: RFQ due in 2021.

Highway 3 Twinning (Taber to Burdett), Southern Alberta — $153m

This project will twin Highway 3 from Taber to Burdett. Design on the project will begin immediately and construction will begin in 2021.

Status: RFQ due in 2021.

Highway 11 Twinning, Alberta — $120m

Highway 11 will be twinned from Sylvan Lake to Rocky Mountain House. The total distance of the new twinned highway will be 66 kilometers. 

Status: RFQ due in 2021.

Highway 3, Ontario — <$200m DBF

Widening of Highway 3 from two to four lanes between Essex and Leamington.

Status: RFQ due in 2021.

Highway 17, Ontario — <$500m DBF

The four-lane expansion of Highway 17 between Renfrew and Arnprior.

Status: RFQ due in 2021.

QEW Garden City Skyway, Toronto, ON — $TBD

The existing QEW Garden City Skyway is a 48-span, high-level bridge that is 2.2 km long, 28m wide and carries the QEW over the Welland Canal, connecting the City of St. Catharines and the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. The Garden City Skyway Project includes construction of a new QEW Garden City Skyway twin bridge to the north and rehabilitation of the existing QEW Garden City Skyway.

Status: Currently in planning phase. RFQ due in 2021.

GTA West Highway (Highway 413), Greater Toronto Area, ON — $6bn

The GTA-West Highway would run from the Highway 401/Highway 407 interchange near Milton, to Highway 400 near Kleinburg.

Status:  This highway proposal, also known as Highway 413, was cancelled in 2018, but then resurrected by the current government. RFQ expected during 2021

Projects in Construction Phase

Construction on highway in Kicking Horse Canyon, British Columbia
Construction is underway for major highway improvements in Kicking Horse Canyon, pictured here. | Photo by the Government of British Columbia

Kicking Horse Canyon Highway, Golden, BC — $700m

The fourth phase of work on this project is 4.8 kilometres of highway in Golden, BC, and is expected to begin in Fall 2020.

Status: Awarded in September, 2020. Highway construction will begin by December, 2020.

Nordel Interchange, Greater Vancouver Area, BC — DB — $260m

The Highway 91/17 Upgrade Project will improve travel safety and efficiency on Highway 91, Highway 17, and the Highway 91 Connector.

Status: Highway construction started in Spring 2020 and will continue until 2023.

Lower Lynn Improvement, North Vancouver, BC — $198m

A new overpass and on-ramps connecting Main Street/Dollarton Highway to the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing.

Status: Completion by mid-2021.

Pattullo Bridge, Vancouver, BC — DB — $1.4bn

The $1.4bn design-build lump sum contract specifies the delivery of a new four-lane suspension ~1.2km cable stay bridge crossing the Fraser River between New Westminster and Surrey.

Status: Project awarded in July 2020. New bridge to open in 2023, demolition of existing bridge due by 2025.

Calgary Airport Trail Expansion (Phase 2), Calgary, AB — $153m

The Airport Trail Phase 2 project will look to provide motorists with an improved connection to Stoney Trail, and create greater efficiency by building intersections at 19 Street NE and Barlow Trail.

Status: In progress since 2018. Completion by 2022.

QEW/Credit River Improvement, Greater Toronto Area, ON — DBF $200-500m

Construction of a new twin bridge north of the existing Credit River Bridge and rehabilitation of the existing Credit River Bridge.

Status: Project awarded in November, 2020. Construction is set to start in Q1 2021.

Gordie Howe International Bridge, Windsor, ON — $5.7bn DBOM

2.5-kilometre cable-stayed bridge with six lanes (three Canadian-bound and three U.S.-bound), and two approach bridges. The project also includes a 130-acre Canadian Port of Entry and a 148-acre U.S. Port of Entry. 

Status: Completion in 2024.

Highway 401, Greater Toronto Area, ON — DBOF $640m

The Highway 401 Expansion encompasses approximately 18 km of reconstruction and widening in the western part of the Greater Toronto Area, from the Credit River in Mississauga to Regional Road 25 in Milton. It consists of two 10-lane segments, two 12-lane core collector systems, and median high-occupancy-vehicle lanes. The scope of work also includes bridge reconstruction and replacement, structural culvert replacements, drainage and utilities work, and ecological restoration.

Status: In progress. Completion date scheduled for late 2022.

Highway 427 Expansion , Greater Toronto Area, ON — $616m DBFM

This project encompasses a new 6.6-kilometer extension from Highway 7 to Major Mackenzie Drive. Also includes a 4-kilometer road widening from Finch Avenue to Highway 7.

Status: Due for completion by 2021.

West Calgary Ring Road Project, Calgary, AB — DBFO — $1.42bn

The West Calgary Ring Road project will be completed in three parts — the north project (DB1), south project (DB2), and the West Bow River Bridge (WBRB):

  • North project — 3km of six- and eight-lane divided freeway between Highway 1 (Trans-Canada Highway) and the Old Banff Coach Road. Reconstructing 5km of Highway 1, 18 bridges, two interchanges, one flyover – 1 Avenue SW.
  • South project — 5km of six- and eight-lane divided freeway between Old Banff Coach Road and Highway 8 including seven bridges and four interchanges.
  • Bow River Bridge twinning — Twinning the bridge over the Bow River on the northwest segment of the ring road. Widening about 2km of northwest Stoney Trail from Crowchild Trail to Scenic Areas Link.

Status: Completion date of 2024.

Southwest Calgary Ring Road, Calgary, AB — DBFO — $1.42bn

The South West Project consists of 31 kilometres of six-lane and eight-lane divided highway, 14 interchanges, 47 bridges, one road flyover, one railway crossing (flyover), one culvert set, one tunnel, as well as three river crossings over the Elbow River and Fish Creek.

Status: Completion by 2021

Highway 104 Twinning, Nova Scotia — $718m P3

38-km length of highway that will include a two-lane twinned highway and 10 km of new four-lane twinned highway.

Status: Completion by 2023.

Highway 15 Twinning, Edmonton, AB — $200m

Plans call for the twinning of the Highway 15 bridge near Fort Saskatchewan, along with intersection improvements at Highway 37 and Highway 825. The project is projected to cost up to $200M. 

Status: Construction commenced in Summer, 2019. Project will be completed by end of 2021.

Tlicho All-Season Road, Northwest Territories — $411.8m P3

This three-year construction project will link Whati, traditionally a fly-in community on Lac La Martre, to nearby Highway 3, which loops around Great Slave Lake to the territory’s capital and largest city.

Status: Completion by 2021.

Please get in touch at [email protected] if you notice any errors or omissions in this list of projects.

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As both a short-term and long-term economic strategy, Canada is set to welcome many more transportation infrastructure projects in the months and years to come. Expertise in major transportation projects is in demand so get in touch with the Outpost Recruitment team to learn more about opportunities that suit your experience.

If you’re interested in working on any of these projects, get in touch with us by creating your profile with Outpost Recruitment.

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Canada’s major healthcare and hospital construction projects




In order to recover from the economic impacts COVID-19, Canada is committed to heavy infrastructure spending. One of the main sectors set to benefit from this increased infrastructure spending is hospital construction. This article is your definitive guide to Canada’s ongoing and upcoming hospital construction projects. 

Below is a guide of active hospital construction projects in Canada, categorized in terms of preconstruction or project delivery phase.  

Interested in working on one of these projects? Get in touch.

Outpost Recruitment is a leading talent agency that works with both local and international players in the buildings sector. Our clients include general contractors, subcontractors and consulting firms (program management and engineering).

Outpost Recruitment specialises in the recruitment of construction professionals across the following areas:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Operations 
  • Project Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Design Management
  • Site Supervision

Active roles:
Senior Project Manager, Healthcare | General Contractor | Vancouver / Toronto / Halifax
Project Manager – Design Build | General Contractor | Vancouver / Toronto / Halifax
Construction Manager, Healthcare | General Contractor | Vancouver / Toronto / Halifax

Projects in Preconstruction Stage

Click any project title for more information.


Projects in Construction Phase

Click any project title for more information.


Projects in Preconstruction Stage

St Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver – DB – $1.9bn

The new hospital and health campus to be constructed at a new greenfield site will have capacity for up to 548 beds, which includes 115 net new beds. The site will be the home of several leading provincial programs and referral centres, including for heart and lung care, renal, eating disorders and specialty surgeries and transplants.

Status: RFP stage.  Project set to be awarded by Dec 2020. Due to open by 2026.

Lions Gate Hospital, Vancouver – $190m DB

Phase 3 of the Lions Gate Hospital Redevelopment Project. The scope of the project includes the design and construction of a new six-story acute care facility and minor renovations on Levels 0-2 in the adjacent Paul Myers South Tower and Northern Expansion buildings.

Status: RFP submitted in Q3. Award expected in Q1 2021.

Burnaby Hospital, Vancouver – $205m DBF / $185m CM

The design and construction of a new 6-level Inpatient/Outpatient Tower, a new 5-level expansion to the south side of the existing Support Facilities Building, renovations to levels 2-4 of the Support Facilities Building, and levels 0 and 1 of the Nursing Tower, including select mechanical and electrical elements and demolition of the Cascade and West Wing Buildings.

The construction cost of the Project is estimated to be approximately $390 million. The DBF Scope construction value is anticipated to be approximately $205 million and the CM construction value approximately $185 million.

Status: RFP issued in June 2020. Contract award in May 2021.

Burnaby Hospital Phase II, Vancouver – $750m

Phase II of redevelopment.

Status: RFQ to be issued in late 2021.

Mills Memorial Hospital Redevelopment, Terrace, BC – $500m DBF

Development of a new, approximately 26,440 square-metres (284,500 square-feet) acute care hospital and integrated services facility. The hospital will be a centre for trauma services, orthopedic surgeries, pathology, radiology, clinical support and pharmacy services, as well as a training site for medical students in the Northern Medical Program.

Status: RFP issued in Feb 2020. 

Royal Columbian Hospital Redevelopment Phase 2&3, Greater Vancouver – $1.2bn DBF

Phase two will include a new 350-bed acute care tower on the north side of the hospital with multiple floors for acute and critical care patients, an Emergency Department with a satellite medical imaging unit, an interventional floor with operating rooms, interventional radiology and cardiology suites, recovery suites, an underground parkade, main entrance, and rooftop heliport. Phase two will also incorporate energy centre equipment, information management/information technology infrastructure, and demolition of some existing buildings.

Phase three will include expansion of support areas such as the laboratory, pharmacy, medical imaging, cafeteria, administration offices and ambulatory care. It will also include expansion of pediatric and neonatal intensive care units, and conversion of some four-bed patient rooms into single or semi-private rooms.

Construction on phase two is expected to run 2020 to 2024, and phase three is expected to complete in 2026. The hospital will remain fully operational throughout construction.

Status: Client is currently negotiating with one vender.

Stuart Lake Hospital Redevelopment, Fort St. James, Northern BC – $116m DBF

Development of a new Stuart Lake Hospital to serve Fort St. James and the surrounding area. Design and construction of a new hospital with 9 in-patient acute beds, 18 long-term care beds, emergency care, medical imaging, laboratory, and supporting services and Primary Care Clinic. Includes the demolition of the existing hospital, construction of surface parking, landscaping, and redundant emergency access.

Status: RFQ issued in June 2020.

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Redevelopment, Greater Toronto Area – DBF $500m

Scope involves constructing a new, larger hospital on the property behind the existing facility. 

Status: RFQ is expected to be released in early 2021.

Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital, Newfoundland P3 DBFM $700m

The new 7-storey, 600,000 square-foot hospital will be connected to the 145-bed long-term care facility that Plenary Health is currently building on the site. It will have 164 beds with the same services currently provided at Western Memorial Regional Hospital, as well as an expanded cancer care program, including radiation services.

Status: Started in late 2019. Due for completion in 2023.

Cariboo Memorial Hospital Redevelopment, Williams Lake, BC $147m

Development of new clinical and support spaces that will be constructed in a new expansion and in renovated space on the existing Cariboo Memorial Hospital site. This includes the emergency department, medical/surgical inpatient units, maternal care and women’s health, mental health and substance use inpatient unit, pharmacy services and University of British Columbia faculty of medicine academic space.

Status: RFP to be issued in Q3 2020. Due for completion by 2025

Kingston General Hospital Development Phase II, Kingston, ON – $500 DBF

The redevelopment will see four buildings torn down and replaced with a tower of between 8 to 12 storeys, and within it will be operating rooms, a pharmacy, neonatal ICU, labs, a data centre and the emergency department.

Status: RFQ due in Spring 2021.

Bowmanville Hospital Redevelopment, Clarington, ON – $<200m

Construction of a new hospital wing, which will replace the existing north wing, along with a new emergency department, surgical services, critical care unit, inpatient units and diagnostic imaging.

Status: RFP in Winter 2021.

Richmond Hospital, Acute Care Tower, Greater Vancouver, BC – TBD

The 9-storey project includes a new emergency department and intensive care unit, and a new medical imaging unit. It will add 110 new beds, bringing the total at the hospital to 350.

Status: RFQ expected in 2021.

Nova Scotia Hospital Centre QEII Redevelopment – $2bn P3 DBF

Two components:

Halifax Infirmary Expansion – ~$1.6bn
Status: RFP issued for infirmary expansion in Dec 2020.  Companies to submit their proposal is Fall 2021. The successful bidder is expected to be announced in spring 2022.

Bayers Lake Outpatient Centre – $259m DB
Status: Contract awarded on Aug 21.

Dawson Creek Hospital Redevelopment – $378m

A new 70-bed hospital with a larger emergency room to replace their decades-old facility. The new hospital will be approximately 19,400 square metres (209,000 square feet) and will have 70 beds, an increase of 24, all of which will be in single rooms with ensuite washrooms. It will provide a range of surgical services as well as chemotherapy, ambulatory care, radiology, clinical support and pharmacy services.

Status: RFQ issued in Oct 2021. Construction due to start by end of 2021. Scheduled to open fall 2025.

Grandview Children’s Treatment Centre Redevelopment – $2bn P3 DBF

Construction of a new five-storey building in Ajax, Ontario.

Status: RFP issued in Sept 2020.

South Niagara Hospital – >$1bn DBFM

Construction of the 108,000 square metre hospital could begin in late 2022, with possible completion in 2026.

Status: RFQ due in Fall 2021.

Cowichan Hospital, BC – $500m

Replacement hospital which is set to triple the capacity of the existing hospital.

Status: RFP set to close in Spring 2021. Construction will start by Summer 2021.

New Surrey Hospital, Greater Vancouver, BC – $750m

Replacement hospital which is set to triple the capacity of the existing hospital.

Status: RFP set to close in Spring 2021. Construction will start by Summer 2021.

Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Redevelopment, ON – $200m BF

New hospital to be equipped with 18 in-patient beds with space to expand for another five beds, a 24-7 emergency department, diagnostic imaging, a surgical suite, dialysis and ambulatory care.

Status: Pre-RFQ.

Queensway Health Centre, ON – DBFM $500m-$1bn

Status: RFQ due in Fall 2021

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health – Phase 1D Redevelopment, ON – DBF $500m-$1bn

A new, highly-specialized Forensics Building is the latest phase of a development at the CAMH.

Status: RFQ due in Fall 2021.

Mississauga Hospital Site, Toronto GTA – DBFM $2bn

Status: RFQ due in Winter 2022.

The Ottawa Hospital – Civic Redevelopment, Ottawa – DBFM $2bn

Status: RFQ due in Fall 2022.

Juravinski Hospital, Hamilton, ON – $1bn TBD

Early stages of development to replace the E, F, and M wings with a modern tower that will include space for growth.

Status: RFQ due in 2023.

Projects in Construction Phase

Surgeon standing in the Vancouver General Hospital's Surgical Centre
The Vancouver General Hospital’s Surgical Centre is on track to get a major upgrade in the coming years. Photo credit: Province of British Columbia.

St. Michael’s Hospital Redevelopment, Toronto – $300m DBF

The project will include the construction of a new 17-storey patient care tower at the corner of Queen and Victoria Streets, and the renovation of approximately 150,000 square feet of existing space.

Status: Change of contractor so the original completion date has been extended.

Cortellucci (MacKenzie) Vaughan Hospital, Toronto – $1.2bn DBFM

The new Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital will include a state-of-the-art emergency department, modern surgical services and operating rooms, specialized ambulatory clinics and intensive care beds.

Status: Substantial completion achieved in Sept 2020.

Michael Garron Hospital – Phase 1 Patient Care Tower, Toronto – $411m DBFM

The project involves the construction of a new 8-storey patient care tower and 3-storey connection, as well as demolition of some existing space and renovations to the existing hospital. The project will add up to approximately 550,000 square feet to the existing hospital. The project also involves renovation works of approximately 100,000 square feet of select areas within the existing hospital.

Status: Completion by 2022.

Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto – $2.4bn DBFM

There are three phases to the project, which are expected to take a total of 10 years to complete:

A new 22-storey Patient Support Centre (ground was broken on this project in October 2019), the Peter Gilgan Family Patient Care Tower, and renovations to the existing campus.

Status: Patient Support Center due for completion by 2022. Remaining aspects due by 2030.

Calgary Cancer Centre, Calgary – $1.4bn DBFM

The new Calgary Cancer Centre (CCC) will be a world-class health-care facility and academic centre for the provision of cancer services in Southern Alberta. The CCC will be built at the Foothills Medical Centre (FMC) site on the current parking Lot 7. The facility will increase cancer care capacity in Southern Alberta by consolidating and expanding existing services in the Calgary Zone to support integrated and comprehensive cancer care, as well as clinical, academic and research needs. The CCC will support and deliver interdisciplinary and integrated care based on a philosophy that accommodates research, education, and patient- and family-focused care, and improves patient outcomes.

Status: Completion by 2023.

Grande Prairie Hospital, Grand Prairie, AB – $650m DBFM

This new 64,000-square-metre hospital is expected to provide 200 beds, a cancer care centre, and a nursing and medical careers-training facility from the Grande Prairie Regional College.

Status: Completion by 2020.

Quebec City University Hospital, Quebec, QB – $2bn

The first phase of the multi-phase project includes the construction of the Integrated Cancer Centre, along with a new generator building, power plant, and parking. As of September, Phase 1 had reached 60 percent completion. The Integrated Cancer Centre is currently on schedule to welcome its first patient in December 2020.

Status: Completion of all phases by 2025.

Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), Montreal, QB – $3.6bn P3

This next phase consists of outpatient services, clinical and administrative offices, as well as an amphitheatre and parking lots. The new 772-room, 21-storey hospital is intended to consolidate the activities of the CHUM in one location.

Phase 1 delivered by OHL and Laing O’Rourke. Phase 2 performance was taken over by a local contractor.

Status: Ongoing.

Royal Inland Hospital – Patient Care Tower (PCT), Kamloops, BC – $417m

Construction will occur in two phases. The first involves design and construction of the tower, which will house 11 operating rooms, mental health and medical/surgical beds, a surgical suite, a perinatal centre with labour and delivery rooms, obstetrics and postpartum beds and a neonatal intensive-care unit. The second phase involves renovation and expansion of the emergency department, pediatric ward, post-anesthetic recovery ward and the morgue. More parking stalls will also be added to the main hospital structure. The plan is to enlarge the ER to the area where the main hospital elevators are located.

Status: The tower is expected to open in 2022, with the second-phase expansion expected in 2024.

Vancouver General Hospital – Surgical Centre / Upgrades, Vancouver, BC – $102.4m

Expansion of the surgical centre and upgrading a number of other areas in and around the hospital to help serve patients and families better. The project includes 16 new state-of-the-art operating rooms at the Jim Pattison Pavilion, a 40-bed hospital unit for care before and after surgery, new communication systems to manage activities for health professionals across two operating floors, upgraded infrastructure and additional storage and new administrative spaces.

Status: Completion by 2021.

Peach Arch Hospital Expansion – Emergency Department / Upgrades, Surrey, BC – $83.7m

Undergoing an emergency department expansion and upgrades to better serve the growing populations in White Rock and South Surrey. The project will be completed in two phases, featuring an expanded emergency department, five upgraded perioperative suites (operating rooms), and an expansion and renovation of the medical device reprocessing department. The expansion and upgrades are part of Fraser Health’s commitment across the region to modernize the health care network, build capacity and improve timely access to quality, patient-centred care closer to home.

Status: Ongoing.

St. John’s Mental Health and Addictions Facility, St John’s, NF – $330m

Six story, 102-bed hospital with 60-bed hostel to replace the Agnes Cowan Hostel, Parking garage for 1,000 vehicles, Modern features, like an art studio and a therapeutic mall terrace.

Status: Construction starts in Spring 2021 and completion by 2024.

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Rail construction and railway jobs in Canada

Canada is committed to increased infrastructure spending to boost a post-Covid economy in Canada. With aging infrastructure and strong population growth in urban areas across the country, we take a deeper look at rail construction and the proliferation of railway jobs in Canada.

Below is a snapshot of active rail construction projects in Canada, categorized in terms of preconstruction or project delivery phase.  

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Outpost Recruitment specialises in the recruitment of construction professionals across the following areas:

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  • Project Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Design Management
  • Site Supervision

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Projects in Procurement Stage

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Projects in Construction Phase

Click any project title for more information.


Projects in Procurement Stage

View of Toronto's skyline from a railway yard
Toronto’s popular GO Transit system is set to undergo several major expansions in the coming years with billions of dollars flowing into its infrastructure development.

Ontario Subway Line, Toronto – P3 DBFM – >$10bn

The Ontario Line is a 15.5-kilometre stand-alone rapid transit line that will connect the Ontario Science Centre to Exhibition/Ontario Place. Over half of the route is planned to run underground through new tunnels, with the remainder running along elevated and at-grade rail corridor sections of track. Fifteen stations are proposed, with numerous connections to the broader transit network, including GO Transit rail services, the Toronto Transit Commission’s subway Lines 1 and 2, the future Line 5 (Eglinton Crosstown LRT), as well as numerous bus and streetcar routes.

The Ontario Line is being delivered as three separate public-private partnership (P3) procurement contracts set to deliver many railway jobs in Canada:

  • Ontario Line – Southern Civil, Stations and Tunnel ($4bn) — DBF — RFP issued is Dec 2020. Financial close in Fall 2022
  • Ontario Line – Rolling Stock, Systems, O & M ($2bn) — DBFOM — RFP issued is Dec 2020. Financial close in Fall 2022
  • Ontario Line – North Civil, Stations and Tunnel ($4bn) – RFQ due in Spring 2022

Eglinton West LRT, Toronto GTA – TBD – >$5bn 

The proposed Eglinton Crosstown West Extension will bring even more rapid transit to Etobicoke and Mississauga to make it easier for people to get where they need to be each day.

The proposed extension of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT will run 9.2 kilometres from the future Mount Dennis LRT station to Renforth Drive and will operate mainly underground, helping to reduce travel times and improve access to jobs, schools and other destinations throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Status: Advanced tunnelling RFP issued on Aug 4th, 2020. Financial close in Spring 2021.

Scarborough Subway (Line 2 East Extension), Toronto GTA – TBD – >$4bn 

A new three-stop 7.8-kilometre Scarborough Subway Extension.

Status: Advanced tunnelling RFP ($1bn) issued on Aug 4th, 2020. Financial close in Spring 2021. RFQ for main works expected in Winter 2020 / Spring 2021

Scarborough subway extension plans

Yonge Street North (Line 1 Extension) Subway, Toronto GTA – TBD – >$5bn 

The planned Yonge North Subway Extension will extend 7.4 kilometres north from Finch Station to Highway 7. This critical rapid transit link will include up to 6 stations.

Status: RFQ due in Summer / Fall 2021.

GO Rail Expansion – GO Regional Express Rail (RER), Toronto – Various – $12bn+

The GO Rail Expansion will transform the transportation network in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area over the next decade. Metrolinx will transform the GO Transit rail network into a system that will deliver two-way, all-day service every 15 minutes over core segments of the GO Rail network. System-wide infrastructure upgrades will include: adding tracks, expanding stations, electrification of the rail network, new locomotives, and train control systems to enable more frequent service.

The GO Rail Expansion is made up of 3 packages:

  • Package 1 — Enabling works — 14 separate projects underway
  • Package 2 — Stations and off-corridor
  • Package 3 — On-Corridor (tracks, civil works, electrification, rolling stock) RFP ($10bn) issued. Currently delayed. Financial submission due by mid-2021

GO Expansion: On Corridor –  $10bn DBOM

GO Rail Expansion will transform the transportation network in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area over the next decade. Metrolinx will transform the GO Transit rail network into a system that will deliver two-way, all-day service every 15 minutes over core segments of the GO Rail network. System-wide infrastructure upgrades will include: adding tracks, expanding stations, electrification of the rail network, new locomotives and train control systems to enable more frequent service.

Status: Financial close 2022

GO Rail Expansion – Union Station Enhancement – $500m Alliance Model

Construction of new platforms, two new tracks, a new concourse area and storm water management system, and other building systems. The Union Station Upgrade is being procured under the Alliance model.

Status: Contract awarded in Dec 2020.

GO Expansion: Lakeshore East – Central Corridor –  $500m BF

Two grade separations — Scarborough Golf Club Road and Morningside Avenue. Includes track and grading work from Galloway Road to Beechgrove Drive (approximately 3.4 km) and all supporting infrastructure, including retaining walls along the central segment of the Lakeshore East corridor

Status: RFP issued in April 2018. Financial close Summer 2021.

GO Expansion: Milton Corridor Upgrades –  $200m DBF

Includes Milton GO Station upgrades to the station building and Station Operations West Facility.

Status: RFP issued in April 2018. Financial close Spring 2021

GO Expansion: Lakeshore West Corridor –  $1bn DBB

Infrastructure improvements for Exhibition Station, Mimico Station, Long Branch Station, Clarkson Station, Kerr Street, Bronte Station, Burloak Drive, Drury Lane and the Lewis Road Layover Facility-Phase II expansion.

Status: Financial close Spring 2021

GO Expansion: Lakeshore East – West Corridor –  $500m BF

The infrastructure upgrades are required to help accommodate the planned expansion of GO Transit rail service on the Lakeshore East line.

Status: RFP issued in April 2018.

Surrey Langley LRT, Vancouver – TBD – $2bn+

This will be a 16-km-long Surrey Langley rail rapid transit project. The SkyTrain will travel on an elevated guideway along Fraser Highway. It will provide a seamless, eastward extension of the existing Expo Line. King George Station will connect to Langley Centre through Fleetwood and Cloverdale/Clayton.

The proposed project includes 8 stations, 3 bus exchanges, park and ride spaces, 55 SkyTrain vehicles, and an operations and maintenance centre. The project is expected to bring many railway jobs to the Vancouver area.

Status: Pre-procurement.

Green Line LRT, Calgary – DBF – $4.9bn.

The Green Line is a light rail transit (LRT) megaproject planned to run between north-central and southeastern Calgary. When completed, the Green Line will comprise 29 stations spanning 46 kilometres. Stage 1 of construction will feature 15 stations (9 at-grade, 4 underground, 2 elevated) and has been funded and approved by Calgary City Council. Construction of Stage 1 is anticipated to start in 2021 and will complete in 2027. The scope and funding of future extensions to the north and southeast have not yet been determined.

Status: Stage 1 RFP issued on July 24, 2020.

Structuring Public Transit Network, Quebec – Tramway Component – $3.3bn

The 22-kilometre tramway will connect Charlesbourg North to Sainte-Foy West, including 35 stations, three intermodal hubs, two terminus stations, a 2.6-kilometre tunnel, and two maintenance and storage facilities. The project will include a 30-year maintenance period.

Status: RFP issued in Sept 2020.

REM de l’EST, Montreal, QC  – $10bn

Plans for the REM de l’Est project include 23 new stations and 32 kilometres of light rail tracks, both above and below ground

Status: Project in planning phase

Projects in Construction Phase

Namur Metro transit line in Montreal
Montreal’s metro system, pictured here, is undergoing a major $4-billion expansion of its Blue Line. This is one of many major Canadian rail projects already in the construction phase.

Eglinton Crosstown, Toronto – $5.3bn P3

The Eglinton Crosstown is a light rail transit line that will run along Eglinton Avenue between Mount Dennis (Weston Road) and Kennedy station. This 19-kilometre corridor will include a 10-kilometre underground portion, between Keele Street and Laird Drive. The Crosstown will have up to 25 stations and stops. It will link to 54 bus routes, 3 subway stations and various GO Transit lines.

Status: Completion in 2021.

Hurontario LRT, Toronto – $4.6bn

18 kilometres of new dedicated rapid transit between the Port Credit GO Station in Mississauga and the Gateway Terminal at Steeles Avenue in Brampton. Includes 19 stops with connections to GO Transit’s Milton and Lakeshore West rail lines and a maintenance and storage facility for the light rail vehicles located south of Highway 407 and west of Kennedy Road.

Status: Completion by Fall 2024.

FinchWest LRT, Toronto – $2.5bn P3

This DBFM P3 light rail project will bring an additional 11 kilometres and 18 stops of public transit, as well as renew aging infrastructure, such as the Highway 400 overpass at Finch Ave W.
Status: Completion in 2022.

Trillium, Ottawa – $1.6bn P3

As part of the city’s Stage 2 LRT project, the Trillium Line PPP project will deliver 16km of new rail, 8 new stations, 1 major maintenance and storage facility for trains (trains depot) with capacity to up to 11 trains, and 10 new bridges.

Status: Major delays due to Covid. Completion by Aug 2022.

Ottawa LRT Phase II (Confederation Line West), Ottawa – $4.8bn P3

The second stage of Ottawa’s light rail project has grown from 30 kilometres of track to 44 kilometres, and from 19 stations to 24, extending the public transit system deeper into the suburbs of Orléans and Riverside South.

Status: Completion by 2024.

Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) LRT, Montreal – $6.3bn P3

67kms of new track with 26 stations. Construction: 2018-2023 (ongoing).

Status: Completion by 2023.

Blue Line Extension – $4bn

5.8-kilometres of track and five new stations to the current 12-station Blue Line, one of four Metro lines that runs through the Greater Montreal Area.

Status: Completion by 2026.

Broadway Subway, Vancouver – $2.83bn

5.7 km extension of the existing Millennium Line, from VCC-Clark Station to Broadway and Arbutus. Continuing from VCC-Clark Station on an elevated guideway for 700 metres, the extension will then travel underground along Broadway for 5km. The project includes 6 new underground stations, including an interim terminus station at Arbutus Street. 

Status: Recently awarded, construction due to start Fall 2020, completion by 2025.

Broadway Subway project outline

ValleyLine LRT Phase 1, Edmonton – $1.8bn

The 13-kilometer southeast leg of a new LRT in Edmonton.

Status: Currently behind schedule. Due for completion in Q3 2021.


ValleyLine West LRT Phase 2, Edmonton – $1.9bn DBF

Design, build and partially finance 14 kilometres of new LRT with 16 stops (14 street level, 2 elevated) over its length between Downtown and Lewis Farms.

Status: Preferred bidder announced in mid-November 2020.


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