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Rail construction and railway jobs in Canada

Canada is committed to increased infrastructure spending to boost a post-Covid economy in Canada. With aging infrastructure and strong population growth in urban areas across the country, we take a deeper look at rail construction and the proliferation of railway jobs in Canada.

Below is a snapshot of active rail construction projects in Canada, categorized in terms of preconstruction or project delivery phase.  

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Projects in Procurement Stage

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Projects in Construction Phase

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Projects in Procurement Stage

View of Toronto's skyline from a railway yard
Toronto’s popular GO Transit system is set to undergo several major expansions in the coming years with billions of dollars flowing into its infrastructure development.

Broadway UBC-Arbutus Extension, Vancouver – >$3bn

The plan would see the LRT extended west from Arbutus Station towards University of British Columbia.

Status: Federal funding committed. RFQ expected in 2022/23 with construction to start in 2024

Edmonton Capital LRT, Edmonton – N/A 

The plan would see the LRT extended 4.5 kilometres south of the current end point at Century Park to the Heritage Valley Park and Ride at Ellerslie Road and 135 Street, where the updated plan calls for a raised station and track overpass.

Status: Federal funding approved. RFQ expected later in 2021 with construction to start in 2022 until 2027

Ontario Subway Line, Toronto – P3 DBFM – >$10bn

The Ontario Line is a 15.5-kilometre stand-alone rapid transit line that will connect the Ontario Science Centre to Exhibition/Ontario Place. Over half of the route is planned to run underground through new tunnels, with the remainder running along elevated and at-grade rail corridor sections of track. Fifteen stations are proposed, with numerous connections to the broader transit network, including GO Transit rail services, the Toronto Transit Commission’s subway Lines 1 and 2, the future Line 5 (Eglinton Crosstown LRT), as well as numerous bus and streetcar routes.

The Ontario Line is being delivered as three separate public-private partnership (P3) procurement contracts set to deliver many railway jobs in Canada:

  • Ontario Line – Southern Civil, Stations and Tunnel ($4bn) — DBF — RFP issued is Dec 2020. Financial close in Fall 2022
  • Ontario Line – Rolling Stock, Systems, O & M ($2bn) — DBFOM — RFP issued is Dec 2020. Financial close in Fall 2022
  • Ontario Line – North Civil, Stations and Tunnel ($4bn) – RFQ due in Spring 2022

Eglinton West LRT, Toronto GTA – TBD – >$5bn 

The proposed Eglinton Crosstown West Extension will bring even more rapid transit to Etobicoke and Mississauga to make it easier for people to get where they need to be each day.

The proposed extension of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT will run 9.2 kilometres from the future Mount Dennis LRT station to Renforth Drive and will operate mainly underground, helping to reduce travel times and improve access to jobs, schools and other destinations throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Status: Advanced Tunnelling package awarded in Mar 2020. RFQ for main works expected later in 2021.

Scarborough Subway (Line 2 East Extension), Toronto GTA – TBD – >$4bn 

A new three-stop 7.8-kilometre Scarborough Subway Extension.

Status: Stations, Rail and Systems (SRS) package RFQ announced in Sept 2021. Advanced Tunnelling package awarded in June 2021. RFQ for main works on progressive DBexpected later in Summer 2021.

Scarborough subway extension plans

Yonge Street North (Line 1 Extension) Subway, Toronto GTA – TBD – >$5bn 

The planned Yonge North Subway Extension will extend 7.4 kilometres north from Finch Station to Highway 7. This critical rapid transit link will include up to 6 stations.

Status: RFQ due in Winter 2022.

GO Rail Expansion – GO Regional Express Rail (RER), Toronto – Various – $12bn+

The GO Rail Expansion will transform the transportation network in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area over the next decade. Metrolinx will transform the GO Transit rail network into a system that will deliver two-way, all-day service every 15 minutes over core segments of the GO Rail network. System-wide infrastructure upgrades will include: adding tracks, expanding stations, electrification of the rail network, new locomotives, and train control systems to enable more frequent service.

The GO Rail Expansion is made up of 3 packages:

  • Package 1 — Enabling works — 14 separate projects underway
  • Package 2 — Stations and off-corridor
  • Package 3 — On-Corridor (tracks, civil works, electrification, rolling stock) RFP ($10bn) issued. Currently delayed. Financial submission due by mid-2021

GO Expansion: On Corridor (OnCorr) –  $10bn DBOM

GO Rail Expansion will transform the transportation network in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area over the next decade. Metrolinx will transform the GO Transit rail network into a system that will deliver two-way, all-day service every 15 minutes over core segments of the GO Rail network. System-wide infrastructure upgrades will include: adding tracks, expanding stations, electrification of the rail network, new locomotives and train control systems to enable more frequent service.

Status: Financial close 2022

GO Rail Expansion – Union Station Enhancement – $500m Alliance Model

Construction of new platforms, two new tracks, a new concourse area and storm water management system, and other building systems. The Union Station Upgrade is being procured under the Alliance model.

Status: Alliance selected. Contract execution in Fall 2021

GO Expansion: Lakeshore East – Central Corridor –  $500m BF

Two grade separations — Scarborough Golf Club Road and Morningside Avenue. Includes track and grading work from Galloway Road to Beechgrove Drive (approximately 3.4 km) and all supporting infrastructure, including retaining walls along the central segment of the Lakeshore East corridor

Status: RFP issued in April 2018. Financial close Fall 2021.

GO Expansion: Milton Corridor Upgrades –  $200m DBF

Includes Milton GO Station upgrades to the station building and Station Operations West Facility.

Status: RFP issued in April 2018. Financial close Spring 2021

GO Expansion: Lakeshore West Corridor –  $500 DBB

Infrastructure improvements for Exhibition Station, Mimico Station, Long Branch Station, Clarkson Station, Kerr Street, Bronte Station, Burloak Drive, Drury Lane and the Lewis Road Layover Facility-Phase II expansion.

Status: RFP closed in Fall 2021.

Surrey Langley LRT, Vancouver – TBD – $2bn+

This will be a 16-km-long Surrey Langley rail rapid transit project. The SkyTrain will travel on an elevated guideway along Fraser Highway. It will provide a seamless, eastward extension of the existing Expo Line. King George Station will connect to Langley Centre through Fleetwood and Cloverdale/Clayton.

The proposed project includes 8 stations, 3 bus exchanges, park and ride spaces, 55 SkyTrain vehicles, and an operations and maintenance centre. The project is expected to bring many railway jobs to the Vancouver area.

Status: Pre-procurement. RFQ expected in Q2 2021

Green Line LRT, Calgary – DBF – $4.9bn.

The Green Line is a light rail transit (LRT) megaproject planned to run between north-central and southeastern Calgary. When completed, the Green Line will comprise 29 stations spanning 46 kilometres. Initial RFQ released for Segment 1 has been postponed with the entire project expected to be delivered in one package now. The scope and funding of future extensions to the north and southeast have not yet been determined.

Status: RFQ expected Q4 2021 and RFP Q3 2022.

Hamilton LRT, Greater Toronto Area – N/A – ~$4bn.

On December 16, 2019, the Government of Ontario announced the cancellation of the procurement for the Hamilton LRT project. Over the coming weeks, the Province will work with the City of Hamilton to determine alternative opportunities to deliver on its $1 billion funding commitment.

Status: Project moving forward again due to council vote in Sept 2021. Construction to start by mid-2022

Structuring Public Transit Network, Quebec – Tramway Component – $3.3bn

The 22-kilometre tramway will connect Charlesbourg North to Sainte-Foy West, including 35 stations, three intermodal hubs, two terminus stations, a 2.6-kilometre tunnel, and two maintenance and storage facilities. The project will include a 30-year maintenance period.

Status: RFP issued in Sept 2020.

REM de l’EST, Montreal, QC  – $10bn

Plans for the REM de l’Est project include 23 new stations and 32 kilometres of light rail tracks, both above and below ground

Status: Project in planning phase


Projects in Construction Phase

Namur Metro transit line in Montreal
Montreal’s metro system, pictured here, is undergoing a major $4-billion expansion of its Blue Line. This is one of many major Canadian rail projects already in the construction phase.


Eglinton Crosstown, Toronto – $5.3bn P3

The Eglinton Crosstown is a light rail transit line that will run along Eglinton Avenue between Mount Dennis (Weston Road) and Kennedy station. This 19-kilometre corridor will include a 10-kilometre underground portion, between Keele Street and Laird Drive. The Crosstown will have up to 25 stations and stops. It will link to 54 bus routes, 3 subway stations and various GO Transit lines.

Status: Completion in 2021.

Hurontario LRT, Toronto – $4.6bn

18 kilometres of new dedicated rapid transit between the Port Credit GO Station in Mississauga and the Gateway Terminal at Steeles Avenue in Brampton. Includes 19 stops with connections to GO Transit’s Milton and Lakeshore West rail lines and a maintenance and storage facility for the light rail vehicles located south of Highway 407 and west of Kennedy Road.

Status: Completion by Fall 2024.

FinchWest LRT, Toronto – $2.5bn P3

This DBFM P3 light rail project will bring an additional 11 kilometres and 18 stops of public transit, as well as renew aging infrastructure, such as the Highway 400 overpass at Finch Ave W.
Status: Completion in 2022.

Trillium, Ottawa – $1.6bn P3

As part of the city’s Stage 2 LRT project, the Trillium Line PPP project will deliver 16km of new rail, 8 new stations, 1 major maintenance and storage facility for trains (trains depot) with capacity to up to 11 trains, and 10 new bridges.

Status: Major delays due to Covid. Completion by Aug 2022.

Ottawa LRT Phase II (Confederation Line West), Ottawa – $4.8bn P3

The second stage of Ottawa’s light rail project has grown from 30 kilometres of track to 44 kilometres, and from 19 stations to 24, extending the public transit system deeper into the suburbs of Orléans and Riverside South.

Status: Completion by 2024.

Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM) LRT, Montreal – $6.3bn P3

67kms of new track with 26 stations. Construction: 2018-2023 (ongoing).

Status: Completion by 2023.

Blue Line Extension – $4bn

5.8-kilometres of track and five new stations to the current 12-station Blue Line, one of four Metro lines that runs through the Greater Montreal Area.

Status: Completion by 2026.

Broadway Subway, Vancouver – $2.83bn

5.7 km extension of the existing Millennium Line, from VCC-Clark Station to Broadway and Arbutus. Continuing from VCC-Clark Station on an elevated guideway for 700 metres, the extension will then travel underground along Broadway for 5km. The project includes 6 new underground stations, including an interim terminus station at Arbutus Street. 

Status: Recently awarded, construction due to start Fall 2020, completion by 2025.

Broadway Subway project outline

ValleyLine LRT Phase 1, Edmonton – $1.8bn

The 13-kilometer southeast leg of a new LRT in Edmonton.

Status: Currently behind schedule. Due for completion in Q3 2021.

ValleyLine West LRT Phase 2, Edmonton – $1.9bn DBF

Design, build and partially finance 14 kilometres of new LRT with 16 stops (14 street level, 2 elevated) over its length between Downtown and Lewis Farms.

Status: Preferred bidder announced in mid-November 2020.


Please get in touch at [email protected] if you notice any errors or omissions in this list of projects.

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