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5 of the best construction jobs in Toronto in 2022

As most of us noticed, construction jobs in Toronto did not take much of a pandemic-related pause. While some companies wrestled with halting projects in early 2020, most major construction in Ontario was quickly deemed essential and protections put in place to allow worksites to stay open as long as they established appropriate safety measures. 

While there have been pauses in non-essential construction due to tightening public health restrictions over the last two years, many essential construction projects have been forging ahead during this time. This includes many highly anticipated construction projects in Toronto, which have been designed to improve infrastructure and boost access to public spaces like roads, bridges, and tunnels.

For anyone looking to find a construction job in Toronto, now is a great time to get started. Today, we’ll share some of the most exciting projects that are in the active hiring phase and show how they will benefit the local community once complete.  

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Finding the best construction jobs in Toronto in 2022  

When you first start searching for a construction job in Toronto, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This city is large, and it’s growing every day. There are lots of projects hiring.

Instead of tackling this on your own, let the team at Outpost Recruitment help. Our clients are general contractors and subcontractors, developers, and consultants who rely on our expertise to help them find the right talent for their available positions.

To help you get your search started, let’s check out some of the most exciting construction projects happening right now in Toronto.

1. Michael Garron Hospital Redesign

Michael Garron Hospital – formerly known as East York General Hospital – is a teaching and community hospital located on Coxwell Avenue. It has been open and serving patients since 1929. Since 2018, the hospital has actively been under construction to help create a more modernized space for both doctors and patients. Five outdated wings are being demolished, existing spaces renovated, and two additional buildings added.

Construction on this $400+ million redesign and refurbishment project began in the spring of 2018 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. The major goals for 2022 include the demolition of existing wings, so if you have expertise in this area make sure to apply.

2. Eglinton Crosstown West Extension

The Eglinton Crosstown West Extension will expand the Eglinton Crosstown LRT to bring even more rapid transit options to Etobicoke and Mississauga. The proposed extension will run 9.2 kilometres from the future Mount Dennis LRT station to Renforth Drive. The LRT extension will operate mostly underground, reducing travel times and improving access to destinations through the GTA. 

The LRT extension is estimated to be complete by 2030-31. As of 2021, Metrolink estimated the project to cost $4.7 billion. The project will begin with the construction of tunnels, later progressing to construction of the elevated guideway, stations, rails, and systems. Workers with experience in those areas are encouraged to get in touch. 

The Eglinton Crosstown West Extension is being delivered by Metrolink in partnership with Infrastructure Ontario.

3. Gordie Howe International Bridge

Even though it’s not in Toronto, the construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge is a great project for workers seeking construction jobs near Toronto. Windsor is less than 4 hours away and is accessible by public transit. Right now, there is active structural, electrical, excavation, and concrete work happening on the Canadian side of the bridge construction site.

The Gordie Howe International Bridge will eventually span the Detroit River and will be a point of connection between the United States and Canada. It is being developed by a Crown company, the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority, and once it’s complete in 2024 it will be publicly owned.

4. Coxwell Bypass Tunnel

Another construction project designed to offer Torontonians a safer and more accessible city is the Coxwell Bypass Tunnel. Once complete, it will make a huge difference in this city’s stormwater management and eliminate the release of combined sewer overflows into Lake Ontario. 

The tunnel is currently being dug out with a 1,000-tonne boring machine that started its journey at the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant and will stretch 10.5 kilometres all the way to Coxwell Ravine Park. The project, which has a budget of more than $3 billion, is set to be completed in late 2023.

5. GO Expansion: On Corridor (OnCorr)

One of the most exciting new transit projects in Toronto right now is the GO Transit Rail Expansion known as the On Corridor. The project’s goal is to transform rail service throughout Toronto, Hamilton, and the Greater Toronto Area by offering easy, all-day service every 15 minutes throughout the highest traffic areas.

While the project is still in the early stages, at least $15 billion of provincial funding has been allotted so far, with the project set to be complete in 2025. This is a great time to get in during the earliest phases, so you can see the project through until completion.

With so many infrastructure and construction projects in various phases of development throughout Toronto, there’s no shortage of work opportunities available. 

If you’re interested in working on any of these projects — we can help! Get in touch with us by creating your profile with Outpost Recruitment.

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