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Outpost Recruitment is a small, personal boutique agency that guarantees your job search will get the attention it deserves.

Instead of feeling like your next role is just a number for a large agency, we’ll work with you to find the best possible outcome.

  1. Apply for jobs

    Our Jobs Board is constantly updated to include new opportunities. We only post jobs from our trusted partners to ensure the positions are legitimate. You can apply to as many jobs as you want. Don’t see a suitable role? Get in touch and we’ll help you find you your dream role.

  2. Register with Outpost (optional)

    Registering with us is completely free. We can keep your skillset and preference in mind as we encounter new opportunities. By keeping your profile up to date, we can help you on your job hunt, connecting you to the best opportunities. Register now.

  3. Land Interviews & get hired

    We’re here to support you going through the hiring process. From preparing your resume to finalizing your hiring details, we’ll walk by your side to ensure the process is smooth for both you and your new employer.

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Is Outpost for me?

If you are an ambitious and motivated construction professional and keen to take your career to the next stage, then we are the right agency for you. We’re not a headhunter, we are a candidate-focused talent agency and can help you maximize your strengths, identify suitable companies, and accelerate your career path in Canada.

Is it really free?

Yes, we provide top-tier consulting on your career and don’t charge any fee. Our reward comes from finding you the right role with a client who pays us a fee. We will work hard for you if you are motivated and open to instruction. Our goal is to create a winning partnership with each candidate and add considerable value to your career. Charging a fee for recruitment services is illegal. Our clients — the employers — pay us a fee to help them solve the pain of finding great people.

Our Consultative Approach

We differentiate ourselves through our focus on candidates. We invest considerable time consulting with each candidate, helping them understand their value, identify career paths and communicate this value through their resume. We’ll help you transform your resume into a powerful results-orientated document that showcases your capabilities.


Your job search should focus on your ideal role, not just what’s out there in the market. We’ll work hard to find your dream role through our great client relationships.


We’re not “resume pushers”, you can most likely distribute your resume perfectly well yourself. We will push you to deliver the best possible presentation to our clients which maximizes your potential. Putting your best foot forward in your job search is crucial. We take additional time to help you present your skills in the best possible manner so that your value is communicated to our clients. This matters most at the tail end of your job search as your compensation will reflect your true potential.


Our Local Knowledge

With over ten years of experience working across Canadian markets, we understand the local construction industry in Canada. We actively participate in national and regional trade organizations, attending conferences and traveling to meet with clients in person. We interact with candidates from around the globe—understanding international experience is a key differentiator for us. We can understand your experience, help you translate it towards the Canadian market and introduce you to organization that will embrace this experience


Our Market Insight

Choosing the right recruiter can open up your job search to roles that have not yet been posted. Our clients contact us when they are planning projects so we have our fingers on the pulse of the latest roles.


Keeping recruitment costs down

Companies are constantly trying to lower their recruitment costs. If they decide to outsource their candidate search, our competitive fees mean they will come to us.


Our partners include key players at global, national and regional level. Our clients include general contractors, engineering consultancies, developers and subcontractors from coast to coast, who share the same passion for finding the best available hire for each position.

International Applicants

Additional resources to support your immigration process.

Our sister website, Moving2Canada, provides recent and prospective newcomers to Canada with the resources they need to be successful in Canada. Our free self-service information portal provides over 450 articles on issues such as immigration, settlement, and employment.


Stephen Timlin


AME Group

I owe a huge thank you to Ruairi for his incredible support in landing my dream job as a Mechanical Designer in Canada! From improving my resume to introducing me to other Expats and setting up multiple interviews, Ruairi went above and beyond. His ongoing check-ins showed he genuinely cared about my success, turning what could have been a nerve racking experience to an exciting adventure! I'm happily settled in my new role in a fantastic company that shares my values. If you're looking for a job in Canada, don't hesitate to reach out to him!

Sean Binns

Project Director


My experience with Ruairi and Maria was outstanding, both in how personal and how professional they were in managing the complexity of an international relocation (from the UK). Ruairi and Maria made themselves constantly available, both as recruiters and as friends, to lean on with all manner of questions about both possible job opportunities, immigration and settlement dealt with. They were open, honest and transparent in their expectations and how they felt best to proceed, even when I was getting impatient, they stuck true to the cause and landed me a position I couldn't be happier with. I genuinely hold true that I would not be in Canada without them both, for which I will be forever grateful.

Tom Marsh

Chief Estimator

Outpost was a terrific partner to help me plan my move from the UK to Canada. Ruairi helped me understand how my Quantity Surveyor skill set stacked up in Canada, guided the process of creating a results-focused resume, identified a shortlist of suitable firms and worked hard to get me a great package with a major national contractor. Beyond finding a great role, his attention to detail and settlement knowledge helps me adapt well to life in Vancouver. Ruairi always has time to help and has offered continued support through my time in Canada.