• Five steps to being successful with Outpost Recruitment

    Step 1: Create a profile via the Outpost website Once we have an understanding of your skill set and an outline of the type of role you are looking for, we can determine if we have a suitable role for you. Create your profile here. Step 2: Create a Canadian-style…

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  • Job interview

    Interview questions and preparation

    Getting an interview simply means that you have provided yourself a platform to demonstrate your suitability for the role. The hard work starts here. Practice speaking about yourself out loud in front of friends as this will allow you to become comfortable, but most importantly prepare yourself to answer potential…

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  • Construction in BC

    International candidate FAQ

    How does the construction market currently look in Canada? The construction industry in Canada is particularly strong. While natural resources are a key driver of construction industry across Canada, the overall industry remains strong since the commodity crash in 2014. The sharp drop in commodity prices affected construction activities for…

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  • Psychology of the job hunt

    Psychology of the job hunt

    The only things that stand between you and your Canadian dream is obtaining a work permit or permanent residence and finding a job. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? While Canada’s construction market is booming, the bad news is that the recruitment process in Canada can be painstakingly slow. You will need…

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  • Employment contract

    Understanding a Canadian job offer

    As an international candidate, it’s important to understand what to expect when receiving a job offer from a Canadian employer. We’ve summarized the crucial items, so you can understand the typical items in a Canadian job offer. Base salary No surprises here, except that salary is typically paid bi-weekly. Profit-sharing…

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  • LNG Canada employment in Kitimat, BC

    Hiring: Play your part in Canada’s LNG industry

    In October 2018, after years of speculation and frustration, LNG Canada announced a final investment decision (FID) on the mega $40bn project in Kitimat, a small coastal town in Northern BC. The LNG liquefaction plant in Kitimat will be Canada’s first LNG export facility, with further mega projects expected to…

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  • Immigrate to Canada

    Immigration to Canada for construction and engineering professionals

    Welcome to the Outpost Recruitment guide to immigrating to Canada for construction and engineering professionals. The immigration experts at our sister website, Moving2Canada.com, helped us to develop this guide, which has been updated for 2019. Spending a few minutes now to become familiar with which Canadian immigration programs are open…

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  • Brexit and Canada: opportunities for construction and engineering workers

    With the prospect of a chaotic no-deal Brexit edging ever closer, an increasing number of construction and engineering workers in the UK are weighing up their options for working abroad. Canada is chief among the destinations where construction workers can not only continue their careers, but also watch them grow.…

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  • Why the best job applicants may not need a cover letter

    Do I need a cover letter for my job application? My short answer is: no, unless specifically asked to provide one. The reason is that a cover letter is generally used for an unsolicited online application. Online applications are anonymous cold introductions without any personal touch. Best avoided. If you…

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  • BC workforce poised for growth

    B.C.’s Construction Workforce Poised For Growth

    Up to 17,000 new workers could be hired in British Columbia’s construction industry over the next five years, according to a new forecast by BuildForce Canada. Their latest predictions indicate that proposed transportation, pipeline, LNG, and mining projects will be the main driver behind the job growth, increasing employment in…

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