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New construction roles in Canada by 2025

Outpost Recruitment works with key players across infrastructure and ICI (Institutional, Commercial and Industrial) and high-rise buildings construction across Canada. Our clients include:

  • general (main) contractors and subcontractors,
  • developers, and
  • consultants (engineering, cost and program management).

This registration form typically takes around 5 minutes to complete. Once you have registered, you can update your information at a later date if your situation changes. We allow you to share details on your skills and experience that will help us determine your suitability for current and upcoming roles.


Our partners include key players at global, national and regional level. Our clients include general contractors, engineering consultancies, developers and subcontractors from coast to coast, who share the same passion for finding the best available hire for each position.

John Smith

Mechanical PM


Finding Outpost has been pivotal in helping me establish a great career in Canada. On moving from Ireland, Outpost helped restructure my resume for the Canadian market, set up three interviews with major contractors and prepared me for the interview process. Outpost has a personal touch, show continued interest in my career and truly care for their clients.

Dermot Hawe

Operations Manager

Black & McDonald

Outpost provided valuable support to assist me with my initial move to Canada from Ireland. Although I found a role directly initially on arrival in Canada, Ruairi was extremely supportive and kept in contact. When my initial role in Vancouver closed out due to project completion, Ruairi was on hand to help me identify a long-term role where I developed from a Project Manager to Operations Manager. Ruairi has been extremely supportive in supporting my career growth in Canada and always has time to help when called upon.

Kate Oseman

M&E Manager


I contacted Outpost when I was looking at making a move from Australia to Canada. Ruairi's local knowledge on the Canadian industry and ability to help me get up to speed quickly was invaluable. With a strong focus on my resume, excellent interview preparation and knowledge of the key players, I was lucky enough to have several offers to consider and found a fantastic long term growth role at a tier-one general contractor. Ruairi continues to keep in touch and provide opportunities for networking within the local industry. Ruairi and his team continue to provide excellent service, and are also friendly and personable to help navigate these major career and life changes.