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Spring 2020 Pipeline Update: Ontario remains committed to $60bn infrastructure pipeline

Jun 18 2020 – $60-billion in new infrastructure projects will continue to move forward despite a global economic correction. That’s the update announced by Ontario’s Minister of Infrastructure Laurie Scott today (Jun 18 2020), with the P3 project pipeline expected to create many jobs and drive economic growth in Canada’s largest province with significant project development in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Scott predicts the projects will “generate thousands of jobs in the skilled trades, engineering, and design sectors.”

The plan outlines 32 P3 projects (public-private partnerships) already in active procurement or pre-procurement, plus 11 more projects in the planning stages. The pipeline of projects is anticipated to have a substantial impact on the construction sector, according to Scott, as key players in the industry will “partner with Ontario and successfully deliver the high-quality infrastructure that our province relies on and depends on.”

While the P3 project delivery format is immensely popular in Ontario, it is worth noting that other Canadian provinces are less enthusiastic about the public-private partnership model. BC’s NDP government, for example, has been moving away from the P3 model in recent years. Ontario remains firmly committed to infrastructure investment in Ontario and P3 project delivery which will stimulate the provincial economy post-Covid. This unprecedented investment will build critical infrastructure, create employment and deliver value for money using the P3 delivery model.

Thirteen of these projects are currently in procurement and another 24 projects are in the pre-transaction phase. In addition, 13 additional projects are currently included in the planning phase. The key updates are that some of the key transit projects have been fleshed out. Two new highway projects  (Highway 3 and Highway 17) will move forward. Many of the major hospital projects remain in planning mode.

The IO Market Update includes 16 new hospitals that will expand health care services across Ontario, plus a hefty lineup of transit projects in the GTA, including:

  • GO RER OnCorr electrification – Transit- $10bn
    • RFP issued in May 2019
  • Ontario Line subway – Transit – $10bn
    • Ontario Line – Southern Civil, Stations and Tunnel RFP issued in June 2020 ($~4bn)
    • Ontario Line – Rolling Stock, Systems, Operations and Maintenance RFP issued in Jun 2020e ($~2bn)
  • GO Transit expansion projects – Transit – $2bn
    • GO Expansion: Lakeshore East – Central Corridor RFP issued in April 2018
      GO Expansion: Milton Corridor Upgrades RFP issued in April 2018
    • GO Expansion: Lakeshore West Corridor RFP issued in April 2018
  • Scarborough Subway Extension – Transit – $5bn 
    • Advance Tunnel for Scarborough Subway Extension RFQ issued in Mar 2020 (>$1bn)
  • Yonge North Subway Extension – Transit- $5bn
  • Eglinton Crosstown West LRT – Transit – $4bn
    • Advance Tunnel for Eglinton Crosstown West Extension RFQ issued in Mar 2020 (~$1bn)
  • Highway 3 (King’s Highway) – $200m
  • Highway 17 (King’s Highway 17) – $200-500m)
  • The Hospital for Sick Children – Institutional – $2bn
  • Windsor Regional Hospital – Institutional – $1bn
  • The Ottawa Hospital – Institutional – $2bn
  • Kingston General Hospital – Institutional  – $750m
  • Mississauga Hospital – Institutional – $2bn

Scott said that the project pipeline is the single largest commitment to P3 projects in the history of Ontario.


  • Hamilton LRT – Ministry of Transportation reviewed and they will still commit to a $1bn investment in public transit in the area
  • Halton Courthouse – postponed due to Covid

Outpost Recruitment feels the impacts

Already the team at Outpost is feeling the impacts of Ontario’s ambitious infrastructure objectives, with founder Ruairi Spillane noting increased demand in the region.

“We’re seeing huge demand from both consulting and contracting clients for candidates with P3 delivery experience and exposure to healthcare and rail projects,” said Spillane. “The outlook is excellent for candidates considering the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) as a destination. It’s the perfect storm for international candidates given both Toronto and Vancouver are expected to perform well despite the global economy entering a slowdown post-Covid. Infrastructure is truly a global industry. ”

Outpost works with general contractors, subcontractors, developers, and consultants who are hiring professionals across senior management, project management, operations, design, quality, and commercial roles.

  • Buildings & Infrastructure Contracting – Operations, Project Management, Design, Site & Commercial Management professionals for general contractors and subcontractors (civil, ground engineering, M&E)
  • Engineering Consulting – Civil / Structural / Mechanical & Electrical design and project management.
  • Cost & Project Management Consulting – Cost Management, Project Monitoring, Infrastructure advisory, Client-side project management.

Get in touch with Ruairi Spillane at [email protected] or 778-861-1244 if you would like to explore employment opportunities across Canada.