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Outpost Recruitment is a small, personal boutique agency that guarantees your job search will get the attention it deserves. Instead of feeling like your next role is just a number for a large agency, we’ll work with you to find the best possible outcome.

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Our Consultative Approach

We spend more time than our competitors getting to know each candidate. We’re not “resume pushers”, we want to understand your objectives and will use our knowledge to guide you towards the right move for your career. Putting your best foot forward in your job search is crucial. We take our time to help you present your skills in the best possible manner.

Our Local Knowledge

With five years of experience working across Canadian markets, we understand the local construction industry in Canada. We interact with candidates from around the globe so we can understand your experience and help you translate it towards the Canadian market.

Our Market Insight

Choosing the right recruiter can open up your job search to roles that have not yet been posted. Our clients contact us when they are planning projects so we have our fingers on the pulse of the latest roles.

Our Methodical Approach

We spend time helping our candidates understand their value and help them communicate this value through their resume. We’ll help you transform your resume into a powerful results-orientated document that showcases your capabilities.

Keeping Recruitment Costs Down Means More Opportunities for You

Companies are constantly trying to lower their recruitment costs. If they decide to outsource their candidate search, our competitive fees mean they will come to us.

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