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Ruairi Spillane

Ruairi Spillane

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British Columbia construction jobs employ more than 225,000 individuals and account for 10 percent of the province’s GDP. In recent years, the government of British Columbia has made robust infrastructure investments throughout the province.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best construction jobs in Vancouver. All these projects are actively hiring for a variety of positions, so if you’re interested in working on one of these exciting construction projects in the Vancouver area, get in touch with us today by creating your employment profile with Outpost Recruitment.

Looking for employment in Vancouver's construction sector?

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Outpost Recruitment is a leading talent agency that works with both local and international players in the buildings sector. We can help find you a construction job in Vancouver. Our clients include general contractors, subcontractors and consulting firms (program management and engineering).

Explore 5 of the best construction jobs in Vancouver

Construction jobs offer a unique opportunity to contribute to the infrastructure of Vancouver and help the city recover from the ongoing pandemic. However, finding openings and job opportunities on your own can be challenging. That’s where we come in. We work diligently to pair clients with the right skilled workers to ensure every project is a success.

Here are some of the most exciting projects currently hiring in the Vancouver area.

1. Broadway Subway

The Broadway Subway project is a 5.7km extension of the existing Millennium Line. Of that 5.7km, the majority will be tunnelled below the Broadway Corridor using two tunnel boring machines, while the remaining 700 metres will be elevated to extend from VCC-Clark Station to a tunnel portal near Great Northern Way. It will add six more underground subway stations, which will serve thousands of new commuters every day.

Right now, the $2.83 billion project is on time and remains on track to open to the public in 2027. In addition to completing the project on time and to the correct specifications, the project organizers have pledged to employ a variety of individuals who are currently underrepresented in the trades, including women and Indigenous people.

2. Pattullo Bridge Replacement

The Pattullo Bridge has long been a key connection between the areas of Surrey and New Westminster. In order to maintain the connection, a new bridge is currently under construction which will replace the existing structure. The new four-lane toll-free bridge will safely accommodate cars, cyclists, and pedestrians and is set to open in 2026.

The Pattullo Bridge project is being overseen by Transportation Investment Corporation, although the final project will be owned and maintained by the province once complete. Currently, in-river bridge foundation work is underway, with site preparation happening in New Westminster. In Surrey, there has been bridge foundation construction ongoing since May 2021.

3. St. Paul’s Hospital

In March 2021, construction began on the new St. Paul’s Hospital. This project will not only increase current bed capacity to 548 from 433, but will also offer a home to a variety of specialized clinics capable of serving those with chronic diseases, HIV/AIDS, and individuals suffering from mental health and addiction issues.

The new facility under construction at 1002 Station Street is expected to cost $2.174 billion and will open to the public in 2027. It’s being built by PCL Construction. After the new facility is complete, the existing facility will still offer services administered by Vancouver Coastal Health.

4. TransMountain Pipeline

The TransMountain Pipeline Expansion project was approved by the Government of Canada in June 2019 and is currently on track to almost triple daily nominal capacity. During construction, workers will lay approximately 980km of new pipeline along the same path as the current pipeline, which stretches from Strathcona County near Edmonton to Burnaby, BC.

Along the way, 12 new pump stations will be built, and 19 new tanks added to existing storage terminals in Burnaby, Sumas, and Edmonton. The cost of the project is currently estimated at $12.6 billion, and it’s set to be complete in December 2022.

5. Oakridge Centre Redevelopment

As it stands now, the Oakridge Centre is a medium-sized shopping mall that’s been around since the 1950s. The Oakridge Centre Redevelopment is set to revitalize and revamp the retail area and add more than 4.36 million square feet of residential space in 7 high-rise tower developments.

The $1.5 billion development will also include a revamped shopping centre, a brand-new community centre, and lots of landscaped outdoor space. Some portions will be complete by 2025, which is a major acceleration from the original completion date in 2026.

There are many infrastructure projects heating up in the months and years ahead in Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia. If you’re interested in working on any of these projects — we can help! Get in touch with us by creating your profile with Outpost Recruitment.

Looking for employment in Vancouver's construction sector?

We can help you find a job in the Vancouver area.

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